The Light

That which guides you in the dark

Blinds you in the day

What can be more ironic

Than the light that keeps you awake!


What do I do

When I want it to light my way

Without getting burnt

In the heat of it’s flames


Oh! What do I do

When I need the flames

To keep me warm

Yet I like to play games


Scorching myself, I know it’ll hurt

But the guilty pleasure

Of getting burnt

Coerces me to poke the flames


Once you’re scathed

There’s no turning back

Get licked by the flare

Or end the glare


To walk in the frost

I do not know how

Will I find my way

If I decide to end the flame?


Sun kissed leaf

Green under light

When it is too bright

Fades beneath the same


Autumn blows the faded leaves

And when the winter melts

There’s always a blooming spring

And the summer that follows

Will be brighter than the light

I held so tight.


An Impulse

Fragrances of the fall

Ripples of the flowing creek

Crunching leaves beneath the feet

It was a beautiful autumn

Beginning to spread joy around


Under the shades they sat

With their feet dipped lightly

Into the flowing waters

There they had the best time of their lives


Destiny played a game

Making them meet and forcing them to separate

Far apart in the real world

They fought the fate

Like two opposite poles


In the end,

It is always the world that wins

For when the time came to part ways

The beautiful country gave them both

A lifetime of memories to behold


The last hug and the tender kiss

Their laughters and shared secrets

Will make them miss, yet

There’s not a single regret


Thinking back,

One spur of the moment decision

Taken by two strangers

Was the sweetest one of both their lives!


Her smile, bright and infectious

The twinkle in her eyes

She lost them both

And all that was left was loath


She did loathe, not him

But herself

For it was her heart that denied her

Her pride


Her pride that mattered so much

Meant so little to someone

Who mattered as much

And so it ended


End means to cease

But memories coerced her to live

With unrequited love

Which her heart happily seized

What are memories other than self imposed miseries!

Storms and Flames

The veil she wore, dark and torn

Reveal how many times

She’s been re-born

The scars she has under

Always made her ponder

If she will ever be beautiful enough

For someone worthy enough


Oh, What is a soul without scars!

Oh, What is a soul without some darkness!


The darkness in her

Brightened the smallest of the flare

Wise will he be

Who takes up her dormant zest

And kindles the flame

For there is no one who can burn

As bright and fierce

And consume you entirely

Yet not scorch your soul


She endured the pain

To prove she was strong

Again in the real world

She was but wrong

She was her own appraiser

Whom she failed to stir


When everyone saw the daring girl

Ready to take the world

Deep inside, She was just another damsel

Struggling through the storms

In distress


Oh, What is life without hardships!

Oh, What is life without hardships!


She braved the licking flames

While wondering

Oh, What is a life without hardships!


It’s not about topping exams

It’s not about running races

It’s not about proving a point

It’s not about trying to get yourself understood
Life is only about living it to the fullest.
Some people believe that, We are eternal beings and our Human Life is merely a transitional period where we have to go through emotions and physical hardships till the time we die and pass on to the “other world”

So, in this supposedly shortest period of our existence in Human form, why are we running behind everything that might not matter in the least bit?

Is it because we are being brought up that way- taught to run behind everything?

Or is it because, it’s the basic instinct of the human race- to strive to be better than your peers?
Whatever the reason maybe,

What are we running for?

Why are we working ourselves to death for?
People might answer- success in career, relationship goals.

Two broad categories of the many reasons each of us may have.

But are these really worth all the time and energy we spend?

We don’t think about the purpose of it all unless we are forced to.

Not our fault. We have civilised that way.
In the end, is money, status or your love life going to rate your existence in this world?

No- in the end, it is always going to be your happiness, your satisfaction that will matter.
Regret will be the biggest mistake you can do in life. Yes, Failures will not even come in the list of your “Life Mistakes”.
Never regret anything that happened in the past. They are all tools to sculpt you become a better person. If you can see yourself growing from your mistakes, the bad that happened doesn’t even come under the “Bad” category anymore. It was for the greater good of yourself maturing in ways that you did not realise at that point in your life.
Yes, it is absolutely normal to think that looking at things that way is easier said than done. But trust me, it’s easier done than said.

Making one believe that clouds will drift away to shine a brighter light is tougher than believing it yourself.
Faith is the key to everything. Believe that you will become the better person you should be and you will.
Time is an essential factor in all this. Give everything the time it deserves. Be it moving away from a bad experience or changing your belief, everything requires time. Some may need it more than the other. But always give yourself the time you require.
Then there’s your mind! The hardest part of it all. Convincing your mind to believe in yourself and to let you take the chances that you have to, will be the challenge of your lifetime. Your heart will know what you want but your mind… It is calculative of all the risks you might encounter, have a statistical data of the percentage of failure of your mission and it will also convince you to stay in the safe zone. But staying in the safe zone is not meant for us. We are meant to conquer ourselves and through that, the universe.

Once you take control of your mind, you will end up doing things that you never thought you were capable of!
The last element you will need is ‘Patience’

The result of your actions might not be coming through e-mails or text messages. So, please stop expecting that. People these days are in such a hurry that they expect drastic results with one day of change in their life. That is never ever going to happen.

You are not going to become the happiest and most satisfied person in the world overnight.
Be kind, smile more, help those who are in need, stay truthful to your heart, avoid negativity in your life and above anything else, love yourself. Love yourself unconditionally and irrevocably.

You will receive the fruits of these daily actions only at times of hardships in your life. The results will be so amazing that you will cross through the storm as if it were nothing but a breeze! You might not even realise it because these simple, positive changes in your life will change the way you look at life altogether.

Everyday is a new page. Write your story the way you want it to progress. Our life is a book that only we get to write and read. Make it as good and interesting as it can be for you! It may not be easy all the time. But remember, every writer comes across mind blocks. Beyond that is the greatest story you’ll ever come across. Overcoming it is what requires the strength we already possess. 

I am a person trying to make my story worthwhile. Let luck be with us! 🙂
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Thank you 🙂